Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Nicki Minaj .2012

Went off to my first concert on December last year. Nicki Minaj in perth! Honestly though it wasnt that good. Such a disappointment, it being my first concert and all. Waited for 1 hour+ for her to come out. People were drunk, and crazy. Really, really bad first experience... And even when she did come out to sing, hmm it was just ok. Loved the songs and all the effects, but.... no still regretted wasting my $100+

And a side note, the concert was right smack bang after school ended. So it was a good date! Didnt bother to dress up too much though, was too lazy >.<

 Was going to wear this outfit... Fit in with the PINK theme. But... then I backed out cause i would've been ditched by my friends  for dressing up like a little kid... >. > 
Oh and that boo boo on my wrist, no it wasn't because I was cutting myself...


Went with black instead! simple, normal chic? 
In lurvee with my round sunnies! So addicted to wearing them!

The dodgy duo. Being Squashed.    

There she is, it was her birthday as well that day! 
But, no still not an excuse for her to be an hr+ late. 

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