Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Life 2013

Sighh, year 12 life is so bleeeghh. Its all about study... study.. and more study... *crieeeess 
But year 12 wace only happens once so have to put my best of course. Meaning no life... Study first before social life. :( 

Got super inspired by Xiaxue recently. She has such a tone in her blogs and a really strong voice! 
And she doesn't care what people think about her. Which is really inspiring in some ways! 

Other bloggers who really inspire me, or I read often are Cheesie, Yutakis and Brownplatform. 

Chessie's blog is full of interesting things most times. 
Yutakis! Full of selfies! Yupps, very inspiring hahas. I think I have learnt quite a few things (tricks? lol) of camwhoring from him. hahas. 

Brownplatform! I love her fashion. Her clothes! Its all very classy! hehes. 

Wahh, I want to continue blogging for many more years to come! And make this blog like a diary! Something very dear! But Im sooo lazy.. -____- 

sighh need to work harder!!! 

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