Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Had a little sleepover on Saturday
Friends, movies, games, food, no sleep 
Yupps, I think that all basically sums up the sleepover 

I forgot to take piccies of the sleepover...
But I had tons of piccies making my pink cake!

So my friend and I decided to make a kit-kat cake.
And gosh it reminded me of how good kit-kats are...
Like I legit finished off one whole packet the day after. Opps...

So the cake wrapped in kit-kat

Mess we made...

The main ingredient!


Finished PINK cake!

Oh the reason I made a pink cake was because it was a PINK theme sleepover!
And dont worry those werent alcoholic drinks!
Just sparkling juices! Cause we're still underaged...

Overall cake looked good! and tasted GOOD as well :)
heheees <3



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  2. A kit kat cake sounds delicious and looks amazing too

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  4. Oh my god that is so professional-looking, incredibly cool, congrats!