Friday, January 11, 2013

Grumpy pumpkin

 These taken a lil long while back.
The big bruh helped to take some photos :)


 Whay so serious?

Take a Bow

an outfit/ camhoee post. Take a 'Bow'! ahahs geddit? (im such a 'punny' loser...)

          The days outfit. Borrowed a bowtie from the brother. Super mad love the shoes from Zara! The knee lenght socks is also another one of my favourite point from this outfit!!


                            Just had to take selfies with round nerdy-purdy glasses. Couldnt really help myself >.>


Ands thats one first outfit/ seflie post! Yay!

Thursday, January 10, 2013



 This will be from now on my new personal blog!  The beginning of a new year calls for the start of a new blog!
Still not to sure about what to put in here. But... Since it is MY blog.. I will, and of course can put whatever I want in it. The main aim of this blog will be for me to document about daily life. I really do hope that I can continue on this blog for ages to come!
 For now I shall not focus on the blog layout and title. The important bit is the content! The name of this baby blog is still in progress. Sorry baby blog. (hrmm, Baby Block maybe...? Lol jks..) For now you shall be called 'Dreams come true', just for the time being. Ehehs, got the name from Hey! Say! JUMP song! 
 So 'Dreams come true', hope you will live long! And live up to your title!
-On a side note, I really need to get a new laptop. This toshiba is just trolling me... Sighh.. time for a Mac-iee.