Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tea time

 Had tea with the mummsie at arteastiq at Orchard Mandarin, Singapore
Always wanted to try it out, but Ive been lazy...
Pretty much took a few months for me to actually be bothered to come here...

 A little random review-
The food is pricey and the food just taste ok...
Ordered the tea for two set thinking there would be yummy cakes, but err yea non...

The atmosphere is really nice though!
Cool interior, and really cute cups and things.
Loved how its a little quiet cafe looking down the busy streets of Orchard
Wouldnt bother to go again though, too lazy... >.>

Outfit worn-

A simple yellow dress.
Its really simple yet the bright yellow just pops, making the whole dress vibrant!
Hehehs, its a happy yellow colour!
 I really want to try Antoniette also at Mandarin next!
The cakes look very promising :)

(taken Jan2013 , some time-ish)

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