Saturday, June 22, 2013

Its Adventure TIME!

A few while back I went to Fremantle and Subiaco with some friends
We went around exploring the area

I love going to new places and discovering new things!
We went into quite a few little shops.


Starry tattoo stockings! <3
Excuse the messy room >.>


Monday, April 29, 2013

xoxo am.i

Sooo, I've finally made my blog header!!
As I have promised myself to do during these holidays.
I know its not like OMG WOW amazing... because Im obviously not a pro in photoshop :/ 
But hey! Its not too bad? I hope...
I'm fully open to creative criticism so say what you really think about it :( 

But its soo hard to work p.s. 
Well for me it is. 
But I'm quite happy with it the way it is right now. 
I'll be touching up on it, but it'll stay that kind of same design I guess? 

Heres an outfit post/ the rest of the pics from the blog header :)

Pictures weren't heavily edited, because Im just lazy.. lol sorry :/
Taken with the iphone camera... So they aren't of amazing quality either :p

Outfit worn
Skirt from Lowry's Farm
Top from Editors Market 
Necklace from Forever21

Thats all for today!

you know you love me ;)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Had a little sleepover on Saturday
Friends, movies, games, food, no sleep 
Yupps, I think that all basically sums up the sleepover 

I forgot to take piccies of the sleepover...
But I had tons of piccies making my pink cake!

So my friend and I decided to make a kit-kat cake.
And gosh it reminded me of how good kit-kats are...
Like I legit finished off one whole packet the day after. Opps...

So the cake wrapped in kit-kat

Mess we made...

The main ingredient!


Finished PINK cake!

Oh the reason I made a pink cake was because it was a PINK theme sleepover!
And dont worry those werent alcoholic drinks!
Just sparkling juices! Cause we're still underaged...

Overall cake looked good! and tasted GOOD as well :)
heheees <3


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pretty in Pink

Just a little spamming of some pink pictures I have in my phone! 
Most taken in Japan! Others just from snippets of my daily life.

Mom tried to make 'jap.' styled obento <3

My growing puri. collection 

Hope you liked it!

with love

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Burgundy wine

 What I wore for shopping one fine day!


The heart heels! Arent they just lovely? Got them a long time ago in Mitju! Major <3!!

Skirt from Lowry's Farm. I major LOVE that place! Its a Japanese casual clothing brand. I've been seeing it pop up in quite a lot of places in Singapore. (Hehes yay!) Very time I visit I keep getting things... Grr, cant help myself.

Loved the skirt so much that I came and got two of them, wine burgandy and one black in colour. Its not really a skirt actually, more like a skort? Thats why its comfortable to wear going around places.

Waaah, cant wait to go back to Singapore and go shopping again.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Nicki Minaj .2012

Went off to my first concert on December last year. Nicki Minaj in perth! Honestly though it wasnt that good. Such a disappointment, it being my first concert and all. Waited for 1 hour+ for her to come out. People were drunk, and crazy. Really, really bad first experience... And even when she did come out to sing, hmm it was just ok. Loved the songs and all the effects, but.... no still regretted wasting my $100+

And a side note, the concert was right smack bang after school ended. So it was a good date! Didnt bother to dress up too much though, was too lazy >.<

 Was going to wear this outfit... Fit in with the PINK theme. But... then I backed out cause i would've been ditched by my friends  for dressing up like a little kid... >. > 
Oh and that boo boo on my wrist, no it wasn't because I was cutting myself...


Went with black instead! simple, normal chic? 
In lurvee with my round sunnies! So addicted to wearing them!

The dodgy duo. Being Squashed.    

There she is, it was her birthday as well that day! 
But, no still not an excuse for her to be an hr+ late. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


High bun, nerdy glasses, and one asian peace sign.


Monday, April 8, 2013



Time passes by quickly. So do remember to make the most of now! 


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tea time

 Had tea with the mummsie at arteastiq at Orchard Mandarin, Singapore
Always wanted to try it out, but Ive been lazy...
Pretty much took a few months for me to actually be bothered to come here...

 A little random review-
The food is pricey and the food just taste ok...
Ordered the tea for two set thinking there would be yummy cakes, but err yea non...

The atmosphere is really nice though!
Cool interior, and really cute cups and things.
Loved how its a little quiet cafe looking down the busy streets of Orchard
Wouldnt bother to go again though, too lazy... >.>

Outfit worn-

A simple yellow dress.
Its really simple yet the bright yellow just pops, making the whole dress vibrant!
Hehehs, its a happy yellow colour!
 I really want to try Antoniette also at Mandarin next!
The cakes look very promising :)

(taken Jan2013 , some time-ish)